Ways that Virtual Reality is used in Storyline?

Mar 09, 2019

Hi. Looking for links to examples that show how Virtual Reality is used in Storyline.

Does Articulate have any plans to incorporate support for VR in upcoming releases? Captivate and Lectora offer VR support.

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Crystal Horn

Hey there, Daniel. It's not on our roadmap to add virtual reality or 360-degree videos, but we're tracking customer demand for it. I've added this discussion to our report so we'll keep you posted here if it makes the list! 

You can see discussions such as here where some folks have set it up using web objects or similar or this discussion here provides some ideas.

John Brennan

I find it really disappointing that VR is not on Articulate's roadmap.

The time's coming where I'm going to have to make some tough choices with regards to authoring software. I will need to be able to create incredible learning experiences with VR, and this might well force me to move to other authoring platforms.

david varga

We are also interested in using VR in Storyline. Specifically InstaVR as a web object in a Storyline 360 page.  Well we can already do that successfully, but not with the functionality of having the VR 'talk' to Storyline. What we would like to do is have the InstaVR fill most of the screen but have a storyline checklist on the very right of the screen. As the learner visits each of the predefined clickspots on the 360 VR, the Storyline checklist gets checked off.  Anyone doing this?  : D

Lauren Connelly

After checking with our team, I can share that we're working on the ability to add 360° media assets to your courses plus various interactive elements for those assets. We're confident this feature will be in your hands by the end of the year. Those are all the details I have for now, but I'll let you know as soon as we have more info to share!

Hugh Vaughan

I'm due to start creating VR elements soon and want to be able to create everything within Storyline. Although I can embed CenarioVR content into Storyline this would mean either the users to login (not desirable) or I have to make the VR content publicly available, not possible. Do you have any updates, its been 5 months?

Katie Riggio

Good morning, Hugh!

Thank you for checking in. We are working on a 360° media feature that will allow you to create immersive learning experiences with 360° images and videos as we speak.

Explore all the features we have planned for Articulate 360:

We keep that list up-to-date and will also notify you here as soon as there's more to share. 😊

Math Notermans

Although 360° Images are in development as you can read in the development roadmap as linked by @KatieGRiggio ... that still is old news.

360° Images are still far from full VR.
In 2015 already Google had its first 360° videos on YouTube...
Not to mention the first 360° Images...they were introduced years and years ago.
In the early 1990's Apple Quicktime VR was one of the first commercial tools for that...

So 360° Images and video are nothing new. If Articulate really wants to make an impression... Dive properly into VR... make sure people can use and combine tools like Unity3d and/or Unreal directly in Storyline. Make a link with Oculus Quest and the alike... Let a developer build his course in VR... Then Articulate will be ahead of the competition...as for now...im not too thrilled about the planned development...

Ren Gomez

Hi Hugh,

Thanks for the follow-up. We haven't released our 360 images feature quite yet. Our apologies for missing the mark on this goal!

To share some insight on where we're at, we've been actively involved with beta testers over the past month taking their feedback to put the final touches on a feature we think you'll love!

We'll be sure to jump in here and let you know when it's finally ready.

Lynda Menge

This should definitely be on your roadmap now. We love storyline and we are thinking about your competitors and will be going into a new direction with our roadmap! I’ve been a person who loves your product and the change will be difficult. But companies have to make a change to help with virtual needs of the instructor! 😊