360 interactive room/environment in Storyline?

Hi all!

Has anyone successfully managed to implement a 360 interactive room/environment in Storyline?

The idea would be a user can pan round an environment and click on hotspots above/on different objects which would then link out to another scene in Storyline with some information/questions/interactions. I don't necessarily fully 360, but maybe be able to use a big panoramic image the could move side to side on. 

Something kind of like this, but still image rather than video:  http://www.sussex.ac.uk/study/visit-us/virtual-tour/main.html

I would love to see or hear any ideas! :)

Many thanks,



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Michael Hinze

Technically it's possible, that's what I did in the first example to pass a score from the 360 webobject into a Storyline variable. That was done with Javascript. If the tool you use to create the 360 element provides the option to execute Javascript based on a click, then you should be able to pass that click event into a Storyline variable and based on that variable change jump to a scene or slide.

Lara Yuzwa

Hi Laura, 

wow, I love this. I am not as advanced, but wondering if you can provide any details on the player settings etc. I love that this is responsive. Yikes, whatever you are comfortable to share. My goal is to keep working at this, until, I can create something like this...but I need a few breadcrumbs. he he. 


Michelle Mullette

Michael Hinze,  that first example is fantastic!! I feel like the pink ladies in Grease..."Tell me more, tell me more".  :)  What tool did you use to create the 360 element?  Any resources for the javascript?  Thanks for any information you can provide...because that is down right awesome!