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pravas Golla

Hi Michael,

I have tried inserting a 360 video inside story line 360 it worked on following option:

1. As a link by clicking on an image

2. As a Camtasia Studio 

3. As a web object

But i am trying to include the same 360 degree video to play inside articulate 360, Is there any way you can help me with this issue and it would be great to discuss with you further on this issue.

pravas Golla

I am sorry if i am not clear in my previous request. My concern is when we publish a scene there will be  a pop up window with options like

articulate 360


LMS  .... etc, please find the attachment.

So when i select a web option to publish everything is going fine and smooth but when i select articulate 360 option to publish the content is not playing /not displaying the final result.


Katie Riggio

Hello, Odette. Thanks for checking in!

360º video support is a popular request and one we've got our eyes on! Our team is actively exploring examples so we can best understand how this feature would be used.

We'd love to hear more about how this could help you. Feel free to add your details through a Feature Request!

As soon as we finalize the details around this concept, we'll share the news on our What's New, What's Next page!