Web Object is a Survey Monkey survey. Anyway to ensure they complete the survey before they click next?

Jun 15, 2020

Hi there,

I have a survey monkey survey as a web object that opens within the slide of storyline 360 and I have the last page of the survey to have instructions to select the next button within the elearning module to continue with the module.

It works well, is there a simple or any way to  disable the Next button in storyline to ensure they do the survey and only enable when they finish the survey. I have a thank you message as the last page in the survey and instructions to click the Done button which goes to a blank page and to then select the Next button to continue with the module.  And would be nice if Next button only activates then....

Wonder if doable?  I am not a coder LOL! If that is needed....

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Tom Kuhlmann

Here's one way to do that without requiring any coding. Storyline doesn't know what you are doing on the webobject. So it doesn't know if it's complete or not. Essentially you need a bridge between SurveyMonkey and the Storyline slide. 

  • Create a code that the person gets at the end of the survey.
  • Create a trigger that locks the course until the person enters the code.
  • Here's a simple tutorial.

What I'd do. Have them confirm they took the survey and then add their name to advance. This way it feels more personal and they are less apt to cheat. :) This also means you don't need an exact code. The trigger would just be based on the value changing regardless of what they type in.

Teresa Vanderpost

Tom, thank you so much!  I got it to work, so now they are making me set this up for all three surveys.  I went with the secret word instead of name in case someone figures out they can type anything then they may not to do it.

Screen looks like this and works great!  Thank you so much!

One image is for the mid-survey and one for the end survey.


Teresa Vanderpost

So, Tom, I am having one issue now.  My SME decided to enter the code  (in the tutorial the submit button doesn't really do anything), The next button activated, but she decided to press Prev button and then come back her code is sitting in the text entry field but next is grayed out and no matter if she types it in again or clicks the next button won't activate.  i tried both Reset to Initial state and Resumed saved state to see the reaction and I can't get either to work,  Can you help me

I put the three slides in a separate file here.  the code is the word:  health

The issue also happens if they select PREV button on the exit slide module and go back to the text entry slide, 

I would like if they had already entered the code that the next button should stay as normal.

Hoping you can help, we were doing well until this test and it is due next week...

Teresa Vanderpost

Oh I should say the submit button being there without a function is what the tutorial taught me, I didn't make that up LOL!

Oh and if you need to see the full course if easier let me know, I just didn't want to bombard you with all the extra content.

But I have now tested all three modules and I have the issue for all three Prev from Code slide back to survey then back again...and Prev from the slide after the code slide (if you have entered the code already)....

Teresa Vanderpost

Good morning Tom,  you are awesome!  Your video was so clear, and it was interesting as you were so clearly explaining it, I could follow the train of the thought and the light bulb went off about the add code value and technically not changing as it already had a value as you started to explain.

This is great, I can tell them it will be done on time yeah me!

Cheers and have a wonderful Monday!

Teresa Vanderpost

Tom, is there a way for me to save your recording?  I hope I will remember this, but sometimes it doesn't come again for a long time and would be a great reference.  I can only imagine how many people you help so you must eventually take them down from your Review 360.  Let me know, if not that is okay.  I can make a note as well..

 Oh I always forget to ask that "one more thing"  So does it matter what the state is on the slide when you return "Resume saved" vs "Reset" vs "auto decide"?  Currently, I think I have them at Auto decide now...I had resumed saved originally.

Alisia Leyva

Hello, Tom! I followed your steps to create my own version of a similar problem - but for some reason, my triggers aren't working. I've attached my Storyline below in hopes you'll be able to take a look. The code is the word "dust" with these variations (DUST, Dust, dust). I included all three variations in my trigger as well. 

Thank you for your help in advance!