What happened to all the feature requests?

Sorry if this sounds like a rant, but I feel that someone should address this.

I have been a user for years. Whenever I encounter a problem I tried to find a solution in this forum. However, most of the time the discussions don't offer a real solution, and instead end with Articulate staff asking us to submit a feature request.

How does Articulate pick which requests to do? Seems like some of the popular requests have been ignored for years. It would be good if the system could be more transparent: Show a list of the submitted requests on a page for everyone to check or maybe simply state that some of the requests are impossible to implement.

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Crystal Horn

Hey there, Henri.  I'm sorry if you're feeling frustrated about not getting some more specific feedback about feature requests.  As we plan new features, we take your requests into consideration. To give you some insight into our process, here's how we evaluate each request: 

1) First, we see if the request is currently possible, and we let you know if there's a way to achieve your goal. 

2) If the request isn't currently supported, we estimate the value it could bring to our products. 

3) If a request adds value, we submit it to our product development team for review. 

4) Our development team gauges the impact of the request. Will it benefit many of our customers, or does it meet a niche need? 

5) If the request is approved, we add it to the development pipeline where it gets designed, developed, and tested. 

6) When the feature is ready, we release it and announce its arrival. 

We can't promise that a feature request will be fulfilled, but we work hard to address the issues that impact our customers the most.  I also can't speak to any changes that we would make in the future regarding the publicizing of feature requests, but I will certainly pass on your experience to the folks in charge so that they understand how important it is for you to feel like progress is being made.  Thanks for taking the time to share!