Workday LMS

Jun 04, 2021

Hi eLearn network! We're implementing Workday LMS and I'd love to hear from people on their experiences using this platform, from an admin or user POV. I'll be managing content creation and management so keen to hear any tips or what's gone well/not so well for others. Please comment here or reach out to me directly - thank you in advance!

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Dustin Doan

I just want to start off by saying how much I can appreciate a content creator asking for feedback. I am very familiar with workday as that is how a lot of places access pay, benefits and tax info. Some things I like about it is having ease of access for main subgroups like my pay, my personal info, my time, my health and wellbeing, my team, my training and development and finally my health and wellbeing. Some minor things I wish they would make easier or have as subgroups under those is changing local and state tax information (they never take enough), change of address, maybe adding online chat for issues navigating or a search box that searches on workday. The main thing I would add is a feedback tab once you get it up and running as internal employees will give you a ton of feedback that will be helpful. I hope this helps give you some insight on some features to add.