Zoom picture feature makes image very blurry

Like the title says - when I insert an image and add the zoom picture 'feature', the image becomes very blurry. Looks like crappy jpg compression.

Below are two examples. In each case, they are two identical pictures, and the one on the right has the zoom picture feature applied. The zoom version is very blurry, especially noticeable around text. I have tried different resolutions and it makes no discernible difference.

Two identical images - the one on the right has the Zoom Picture option applied.

Two identical pictures - the one on the right has the Zoom Picture option applied.

In summary, here's another bug that will never get fixed, I don't know why I bother. Yes, I have reported it to Articulate.

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Becca Levan

Hello Terry & Nejc,

I'm so sorry you're having this issue with the Zoom picture feature of Storyline. 

Great call on starting a case with our support engineers, and I see my teammates are investigating this to determine the next step. As soon as we have an update on this issue, we will reach out in your case, so we have all communication in one spot.

Thank you for reporting this to us!