Zoom Regions vs Viewing on Phone

Aug 06, 2021


I have a sim that, when viewed on a mobile phone makes some touch function very difficult. So we used zoom regions to highlight the hard-to-reach areas.

The problem now is that they seem to stay zoomed after the next slide, even though I have assigned each slide to reset. This is only happening when we send it to our LMS (Workday)

Lest we blame it all on the other guy, is there anything I can do to help on the SL end. Can I create a trigger to "un-zoom" or rest the slide after the user has entered/touched the right place?

Any advice! Thanks!

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Brian Cook

I am working with someone on staff with this, but 400 brains are better than two. 

Our issue is that when a learner takes this simulation on a phone, the zooming can sometimes "break" the slide, preventing them from proceeding. If anyone sees any glaring reason why this would be, please let me know!!

Thanks in advance!