Alternating Use of Colors

Hi Team!

I am learning a lot about the use of colors. I am currently building a PPT that will become a video. There are quote cards on each slide. When it comes to color, is it ok to use a different color for each quote card on each separate slide or is it better to keep the same color quote card throughout? I'm not sure how it impacts cognitive load and retention.

Thanks in advance!

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Tom Kuhlmann

You can do what you want. There's not right or wrong. Here are some guiding considerations:

  • Accessibility and contrast are always concerns. Here's a link to help with that.
  • Design should be intentional. Color may represent meaning. If all of the cards are orange and one is red, it makes me wonder, what is different? What does the represent? Is it a new category, etc? 
  • I think cards that are the same type of content, probably are best to be the same visually.