Another game built in SL

Mar 18, 2016

I shared the games I'm currently building in another discussion - thought I'd create one here. Glad there are quite a number here creating games using SL. It just proves a point that SL is quite a powerful tool!

Here are the 2 games that are in progress:
Snake & Ladder
swf version -
html5 version -

This game will have quizzes, points and penalties, with the possibility of game levels. I've thought of giving it a modern twist, where the ladders are 'good' colleagues who could motivate and help the character to move up the ladder. Or the 'bad' ones, who could actually let you 'slide down' your career path.

Habbo-inspired Game (Use arrow keys to move the character)
swf version -
html 5 version -

I'm still working on the game mechanics and SL architecture but this has lots of potential - imagine showing a work flow, moving from task to task, station to station. 

Til the next update!

16|04|2016 - Snake & Ladder v2.21
swf version -
html5 version -

 17|04|2016 - Campus Life
swf version -


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