Any examples on how to make cyber security and engaging course?

Hi, I have to make a cyber security eLearning course with storyline. I have the content and script from the SME, but I am struggling with how to present/display the content in a "non-boring" way. I would love to see engaging eLearning examples of boring, technical content for ideas. I do not need to "copy" your content, I just need to see ideas on how to make it engaging. I will be and voice-overs, using "tabs," click to reveals, nice photos, etc. for some things, but there is a lot of text content I'm trying to figure out how to present. I can animate each line of text synch'd to the narration, but I'm stuck thinking how to improve upon that. Thank you for nay help/examples.

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Joseph Francis

A few years back, EI Design won Omni's Gold award for their "A Date With Data Dave" cybersecurity course. While, sadly, the URL to the course no longer seems to work, there's enough of a working description with visuals on their site to give you an idea of what they did.

Billed as "a Microlearning nugget on Data Security designed using the Parallax web-based scrolling technology," this course was a scroller, where you were the character ("Dave"), who stayed in place on his Segway while the rest of the floor "scrolled" from the bottom of the screen to the top of the screen beneath him. At certain points, the motion would stop with a challenge for you to solve.

Pradnya Maske

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Andy Houghton

We took a different approach. We think things like cyber security should be of interest to most people- not just at work, but in their private lives. For example, they may need to teach elderly parents or children how to use the internet safely. They might want to know more about the Internet of Things as their house is getting 'smarter', and so on. Therefore, although our videos are designed for the workplace, they also bring peoples' personal lives into the training - to make it less like a work based piece of learning. 

We use images, voice, text and more recently music to help get the message across. You can see all our cyber security videos on our Showreel page