Are you ready to help Josie solve The Case of the Mixed Message in this interactive story?

Jun 19, 2022

I was inspired by Eva Daniels and Teresa Moreno using interactive storytelling to help learner’s practice new skills. 

First run with an interactive storytelling episode where Josie, a nurse leader is having a conflict with her leader Ellyn about mixed messaging. She recently took an online course on Braving Difficult Conversations. Here, she has a chance to apply what she learned, with your help. 

This story contains “lifelines” which are review clues to help Josie (and you) navigate this conversation. 

Are you up for helping Josie solving the Case of the Mixed Message? 

Design notes: 

Created my storyboard with actions to practice and decision points. I got a lot of ideas watching Shonda Rhimes Writing for TV course on MasterClass, Cathy Moore's Map It book, Anna Sabramowicz's channel, and examples others posted.


Exported Storyline characters and poses, imported into Photoshop and applied the Posterize filter, adjust as desired, then exported as an 8-bit file to save file size. 

Backgrounds: Posterized in Photoshop, same process as characters. 

Decisions and Feedback:

To help streamline the development process, if the learner selects the “less good” option, the feedback lets them know what could have been better (still teaching) and moves them forward in the story. 

Audio rendered from MURF AI. Thank you to Jodi Sansone for sharing this voiceover resource! 

Music track licensed to myself from Envato Elements, please replace if you download the file and tweak to your own. 

See in action here:

Download attached.

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G Howe

Interesting and effective case study to practice and get feedback on soft skills.  Access to prior learning key points for review was very helpful too.  So from an instructional strategy perspective, it's well done. From a task analysis perspective on soft skills, it's a good start.  


olivia devid

Hello Cydwalker,

That sounds like a really interesting and engaging way to help learners practice new skills! Interactive storytelling can be a powerful tool for helping people learn and retain information, especially when it comes to developing skills like conflict resolution and communication.

I think it's great that you're incorporating lifelines into the story as well, to provide learners with review clues and help them navigate the conversation. This can be especially helpful for learners who may be new to the topic or struggling to apply what they've learned in a real-world scenario.

Overall, I think using interactive storytelling to help learners practice new skills is a creative and effective approach, and I wish you the best of luck with the Case of the Mixed Message!

Best Regards

Olivia Devid


Sajjad Ali

An engaging and useful case study for soft skills practise and feedback. Access to essential concepts from past learning for review was also highly beneficial. So it's done nicely from the perspective of instructional strategy. It's a solid beginning from the standpoint of soft skills task analysis.