Are You The Next Articulate Community Manager?

Nov 06, 2014

For the Articulate Community Team, our coworkers are a second family. Together, we’ve had laughs, accomplishments, and yes, challenges along the way. We all share a love for Articulate software and the E-Learning Heroes community, which drives us all to do the best we can every day.

This week we’re sad to announce the departure of one of the members of our community team, Mike Taylor. Mike is such an attentive, friendly, and helpful guy, and he’s always willing to lend a helping hand. We’ll miss him as an Articulate teammate but we’re glad that Mike will continue to be a proud member of the E-Learning Heroes community! Good luck to you in all of your future endeavours, Mike!

Mike’s departure means there is now room for someone to join our Community Team. Could this person be you? Do you have a passion for e-learning? Do you love Articulate products? Check out the full position description and info on how to apply here: Articulate Community Manager Application. The deadline for applications is Friday, November 14th, 2014.

Let us know if you have any questions. We can’t wait to meet the next member of our team. Good luck!

28 Replies
Sonam Yangkey

Hello, I just did sign up the training of Articulate story line through my work place. I am very much excited to learn the E-learning tools. The only thing worry is me very much is due to my poor English, I am not sure I will Succesed. But when I am thinking Tibetan kids who are still learning the language by using the Tradition way, give me strength to try. there is saying in Tibet, we said "when you think about others frist you will become very powerful, but when you only put yourself is first you will become very weak."

one more thing I did tried using Articulate story line, made very simple exercises, its works very well with Tibetan. I can not wait for creating for Teaching Tibetan langague materials shear not only with Tibetan kids also wiht people who wants to learn Tibetan.

Many thank you and have wonderful dayt!