automatic flow path

Mar 08, 2023

Hi guys,

I'm looking to explain how a circuit diagram would work, if a user selects an item a line would be drawn along the correct wires to show how the system operates, anyone any ideas on how to make this work?

In the file attached there  would be a line drawn to the switch, when the learner presses the switch the line then moves around the diagram and through the bulb.  I am guessing I can change the state of the bulb somehow to show it is lit. 

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Sarah Hodge

Hi David and welcome to the community! 🎉 I'm not all that familiar with circuit diagrams, but I think it might be possible to show the connections using States. Here are a few examples from the community that show connecting paths:

And here's a free light bulb graphic download if you need it: PowerPoint: Assorted Customizable Light Bulbs.