Compass Dials Example

Jan 08, 2018

Here is an example I have built showcasing the dials feature in Storyline 3 and Storyline 360.

Published output


The compass is made up of five dials:

  • One for the compass baseplate and hand controlling the variable 'CompassBaseplate'.
  • One for the part of the hand in the center of the compass dial, also controlling the variable 'CompassBaseplate'.
  • One for the dial of the compass containing the degree markings. This dial controls the variable 'CompassDial'.
  • One for the parallel direction arrows within the compass dial. This dial also controls the variable 'CompassDial'.
  • One for the compass needle which controls the variable 'Needle'

The dials have been built so that moving the baseplate and hand will also move the inner dials in the same direction.

The compass needle will wobble slightly when any other dials are moved.




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Cliff Bandringa

I never got a correct answer. Obviously I'm not understanding. It would be nice to have a demonstration of calculating a heading using another scenario, perhaps like being on water instead of the mountains, then go to the slide you have for testing knowledge.  Otherwise, as other people have commented, this is a great example of interaction with the learner.

Tamara Staton

This is AMAzing, at least for those of us who have learned how to use a compass but had forgotten the basics. Your example helped it come right back to me. I was eager for more opportunities to play, however, AND it would be good to offer some instructions for those who don't yet know how to use it. I'm WAY late to the party here, but I LOVE this!