Compass Dials Example

Here is an example I have built showcasing the dials feature in Storyline 3 and Storyline 360.

Published output


The compass is made up of five dials:

  • One for the compass baseplate and hand controlling the variable 'CompassBaseplate'.
  • One for the part of the hand in the center of the compass dial, also controlling the variable 'CompassBaseplate'.
  • One for the dial of the compass containing the degree markings. This dial controls the variable 'CompassDial'.
  • One for the parallel direction arrows within the compass dial. This dial also controls the variable 'CompassDial'.
  • One for the compass needle which controls the variable 'Needle'

The dials have been built so that moving the baseplate and hand will also move the inner dials in the same direction.

The compass needle will wobble slightly when any other dials are moved.




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