ELH Challenge 368 - Progress Indicators

Apr 19, 2022

For this challenge, I considered a way to give users an immediate sense - visually - of both what they have already accomplished and what they have left to do.  Since the project deals with putting together a jigsaw puzzle of various Halloween characters, I determined it might be appropriate to construct a pie-chart-like progress indicator for each character that sees individual segments disappear as puzzle pieces are placed correctly on the board: 


Naturally, the number of segments for each character's progress indicator would be determined by the number of puzzle pieces needed to completely/mostly "reveal" the character:


One particular challenge was considering instances where single pieces revealed part(s) of multiple characters, requiring triggers that simultaneously changed the state of the affected characters when the piece in question was placed:



Other considerations made included

  • restricting the order in which puzzle pieces are "activated" so as to make updating individual progress indicators easier (I used transparent shapes to effectively "divide" each puzzle piece - a trigger set up to change that shape to Hidden when the "active" piece is correctly placed), and
  • using freeform Hotspots mimicking the shape of individual puzzle pieces to ensure the pieces fit together (more) seamlessly.


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