FREE 22 Original Stick Figures

Aug 16, 2012

Hi Folks - 

I've been using more hand-drawn assets in my courses recently.

I decided to try a few of my own.  I refer to them only as "stick figures"... "art", I feel, might be misleading.

In any case, this community (and its Staff ) have been so incredibly gracious and generous, that I thought - at the risk of embarrassing myself - that I would post these here in case anyone else might find some rough sketches to be of any use.

If the .zip file doesn't work, let me know and I'll try to re-package them tomorrow.

Best wishes,


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Lisa Cummings

Thanks so much Randy. These are fantastic.

I do a lot of stick people for eLearning as well. Here are a couple of quick tricks you fellow sketchers might like:

1) In PPT, you can put the "Pens" Tool on your UAT toolbar. It makes the same smooth lines as if you're annotating in Slideshow Mode. I can only get this to work in Windows. No luck on my Mac.

2) If you have an iPad, Sketchbook and Sketchbook pro are awesome for drawing and letting you export images. It's so much easier to draw with your finger rather than a mouse. I export them as PSD files for Photoshop. Then cleanup. Then insert wicked sketches into PowerPoint.

Bonus: You can really get creative if you do a screen capture while you draw. Then you have a video scribe on your hands.

Randy Borum

Mary Peek said:

These are great Randy! Do you have any Terms of Use or are we able to use them in any eLearning we create, including for commercial use?

Hi Mary -

Thank you for asking, but I have no restriction on their use ... except that you have fun using them.  As long as you're having fun, I'm happy that they are of use.

Kind regards,