#Free Mobile demo - Washing hands instruction

Mar 18, 2020

Hi everyone,

All over the world, people in health care are working overtime to take care for the affected patients and diligent research is being done for a vaccine against this virus.

The coronavirus affects us all in one way or another. We (YOU and I) CAN’T sit back and simply WAIT for a vaccine. We ALL need to help and it starts with a simple thing like properly washing hands. 

That's why I designed this short instruction about properly washing your hands. I also included the source file for those who want to have a look behind the scene or better for those who want to translate it in their own language and share the word with people in their own country.


Please stay healthy and take good care of each other in these weird times.


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Russ Sawchuk

Hi Paul,

Great work! I hope you don't mind, but I decided to enhance it a little. I have been wanting to figure out how to use Amazon Polly's text-to-speech neural technology for some time. This SL program seemed to be the perfect candidate for it.

So I added neural text-to-speech narration using Amazon Polly's Matthew. I was particularly interested in how I could use SSML to manage the narration. Use of SSML in the neural languages is fairly limited (yet). But you may notice that I was able to increase loudness and slow down speaking for some sections. 

I also took the liberty to add some animations and sounds to make it more game-like.

You can view the narrated version here. The enhanced StoryLine file can be downloaded from here.

Let me know what you think, and thanks for sharing.


Céline Bergeron

Hi Everyone

Hope all of you are ok. I've adapted the Paul's version for kids in a French school in Canada. Somebody asked me two weeks ago among the community doing it. Here is my demo. Thanks to Paul Anders who's the author originally.  Have fun! I really did doing it. 


Ella Jhon

As a fellow cat person, I appreciate the efforts to promote awareness about the importance of proper hand hygiene during these challenging times. Living with cats, it is important for me to take extra precautions to ensure that I am not inadvertently spreading the virus to my furry friends.

I agree that we cannot simply wait for a vaccine to become available and that each of us has a responsibility to do our part in preventing the spread of the virus. Proper handwashing is a simple yet effective measure that can go a long way in protecting ourselves and others around us.

I also appreciate the author's efforts to make the instructions on handwashing easily accessible to people around the world, including those who speak different languages. It is crucial that we work together to spread awareness about the importance of hand hygiene and take care of each other during these difficult times.

Sarah Taylor

I really appreciate this post and the emphasis on the importance of practicing good hand hygiene by using soap or hand sanitizer. It's great to see people spreading awareness about the simple but effective steps we can take to prevent the spread of germs and keep ourselves and those around us healthy. By making handwashing and sanitizing a regular part of our daily routines, we can all do our part in promoting good hygiene and preventing the spread of illness.