Interactive 360° Virtual Tours - Start Employees off Strong

Feb 09, 2022

Interactive 360° Virtual Tours
Launch Experience:

What if you could improve operational efficiency with focused onboarding, designed to get high-volume workforces confidently performing fast?

What if you could give every new hire the right amount of personalized support to get them up to speed quickly, then keep them engaged by connecting them to the ongoing training, communication, and job aids they need to be successful each shift? All while spending less than you currently do to onboard new hires.

Onboarding at scale is possible with fast guided virtual tours. Tours are an excellent format that quickly acquaints new hires with their new working space.

  • Capture 360° images of your office or workspace
  • Add interactive elements
  • Add video
  • Add voice-over
  • Deliver engaging visuals

As a Learning Experience Designer, I am eager to see the possibilities of using virtual tours in training.

Dynamize Your eLearning!

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Tim Waldron

Thanks a lot for the reply, good to know!

Wow, didn't know the small consumer 360°-cameras had gotten so good in the last couple of years. Was half expecting it to be an Insta360 Pro 2.  I'm currently looking for a camera that can create decent pictures in a clinical environment, and will definitely have a look at the One X2. That is definitely a price range I can get past our accounting (a lot more realistic than the almost 6K for the Pro series). ;-)