Feb 02, 2011

I love the new site, can we get this site to work properley on an iphone?  At the moment you cannot scale the page and it is impossible to post a new post, as the message box will note bring up the keyboard.


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Jenise Cook (RidgeViewMedia.com)

Google/Android = bad/world domination

@Robert you're a Mac guy! I can't believe you're using an Android? Smelling salts... where are they?? I'm going to fall over in shock ... 

I'm just starting to set up my new MacBookPro, the i7 .... still trying to decide if I should stay with VMWare Fusion or switch to Parallels. I know you've had good luck with Parallels. I've had no problems with Fusion.

@phil  I agree with you re: iPhone or iPad compatibility. This site is new and I know they're working out "bugs" .... The staff will probably add this to their list.

I've worked on many software projects in the past, and I'm guessing their "bugs" list is a LONG one.


Robert Kennedy

Awww c'mon Jenise.  I love my Mac but I'm not a fanboy.  LOL.  I like my Mac coz it just works BETTER than Windows  Plain and simple.  iPhone? Considered it strongly but AT&T was the deciding factor there.  Hence, good phone, shaky service = not working better.  Android, better than iOS? Jury is still out but I can't complain at all.  Plus.....and here's the biggie...I can run Flash no problem on MY phone :-).  OK.  **doing my boxing ring dance**  Where's your comeback :-)?

Jenise Cook (RidgeViewMedia.com)

My comeback? 

I agree with you on all points, even as a devoted iPad user/lover and Mac fangrrrl. LOL

I'm on Verizon and might get the new iPhone. The UI is way more elegant and easier to use. One of my colleagues and two family members have Android OS phones, and they are always complaining about the UI... and, they are tekkie people.

If I want Flash, I'll just get a non-Apple tablet. Honestly, my comeback is I'm more a fan of tablets than I am of smartphones. I have a few iPhone apps on my iPad, and the smaller screen side of the phone app is a hindrance.

For e-learning, I think we all need to be looking at tablet devices, but I know that's not what learners/users actually use. I attended The e-Learning Guild's mLearnCon conference last year, and smartphones are great tools for field technicians and sales people. Tablets, for them are too big.

However, someone demonstrated a learning and customer support app for a Home Depot type employee, and tablet was THE way to go, not a smartphone because of the screen size. The app wasn't Flash based, so the OS didn't matter. It was the tablet's screen size that mattered for the learning and customer support.

There, that's my 2 cents and my comeback.

Have fun with your Android phone! LOL

Robert Kennedy

Ahhhhh, I dunno about elegant.  I LOVE my HTC Evo interface.  (Well, at least the way I'VE put it togethe )  As a matter of fact, yep, there are definitely some manufacturers that make clunky interfaces for Android phones.  I am not a fan of the Samsung or even the Motorola interfaces.  HTC?? Love it.  Perk? My interfaces is also more customizable to my own preferences.  I like that.

Tablets?  Agreed.  I keep waffling on whether to get an iPad now or wait for the new one or buy the next Android 10 inch tablet that blows me away :-).  MY Macbook is being used less and less.  **a moment of silence please**  OK.  :-).

But definitely having fun with the Android.  I'll update ya when I get my tablet, whatever it is :-)