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Daniel Mitchell

I built it in Articulate Storyline 2. It took about 7.5 hours.

Steps for anyone wanting to do something similar:

1. Create button 1 and remove Hover state
2. Copy/Paste button 1, rename to 2, set default state to Disabled 
3. Copy/Paste button 2 to create buttons 3-50
4. Add a trigger on each button (1-49) to change state of next button to Normal (button 1 changes state of button 2, etc)
5. Trigger on button 50 to go to "You Did It" layer
6. Create 30 clock layers, each with a trigger to go to next layer after 1 second elapsed
7. Last clock layer "00:01" has trigger to go to "Out of Time" layer (with condition that button 50's state is "Not selected"
8. On the Out of Time layer, add a hotspot over all buttons, but do not set a trigger. Hotspot works to keep user from continuing game when time is up

9. Duplicate the completed 50-button slide
10. Create buttons 51-100
11. Continue adding triggers with the same logic as above, but with 100 buttons

12. Duplicate the completed 50-button slide 2 more times
13. Add simple grid to one slide
14. Add detailed grid to the other
15. Use "Size and Position" to line up all the buttons on detailed grid
16. Adjust font and size on all buttons

17. Create launch slides and content to teach what you want.