Mockups for client?

Aug 11, 2021


I hope this is the right place to ask this...

What do you use for a quick mockup to give clients the look and feel of a potential course? I have storyboards etc., but I mean a kind of visual thing that is client-facing opposed to what I would use.

Anyone? Thank you for your advice!


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Sarah Hodge

Hi Sarah! I personally like using storyboards to get client approval on content and then I create a prototype to get visual/design approval. I included a tidbit about prototypes in this article. I also made this free download to go with it.

The prototypes I’ve created are just a preview of what the entire course experience will be like. I just pull some content from the storyboard and build around 6-8 slides. For example, I usually include a title slide, content slides, a complex interaction, and a quiz slide. Then, as Richard mentioned, I publish it to Review 360 to get their feedback/approval before building out the entire course. There are many different ways to go about it. I just wanted to share one way that works for me. I hope that gives you some new ideas!