Multiple choice question with unique feedback for each answer

Sep 02, 2013

Hello everyone,

I am trying to create feedback for each possible answer of a multiple choice question in Storyline.  How can I accomplish it while keeping the Submit button's functionality?  I know I can add triggers directly to each answer that will show a layer containing feedback for each answer, but I still want learners to click Submit before their selection is recorded.  Once they click Submit, I would like the feedback specific to the answer selected and submitted to appear.



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Belen Casado

Hi Shawnda,

As far as I know, the Multiple choice question already has this functionality. You can choose to give feedback by choice, so there'll be a message for each choice instead of feedback for the question.

You can enter a text and also an audio for each choice, and you can branch to different slides according to the answers.

Hope it helps.


Nicole Legault

Hey Ruth - thanks for leaving your feedback.

I've been working a lot with various Question types lately so your comment got me pondering... I investigated and discovered that the "By choice" option is available for the following default quiz types: multiple choice, word bank and hot spot questions. 

I think the difficulty that arises with providing the "by choice" feedback option for Multiple Response is the amount of choices you could potentially have for one question.  For example, if you have 6 potential responses (A through F) in your Multiple Response, that could give you literally hundreds (if not thousands) of response combinations (A+B, A+C, A+D, A+E, A+F, A+B+C, A+B+C+D+E+F, etc, etc.). So I think it would be difficult to set up a simple form-based interface for this amount of choices, and also would be unrealistic to type out that many potential feedback slides.

But I do hear what you're saying about letting users distinguish between an incorrect and partially correct answer. A solution to this might be that, when they click submit, they see the feedback layer, but it's positioned in such a way that you can still see all the responses, along with their selection, with a checkmark or x next to each response, indicating to them if it is a correct or incorrect choice. This way they can see their selections, against what's right and wrong, so they can see if they got it partially correct.

Hope this makes sense!

Alice Stegemann

I came up with a solution for unique feedback if you want the user to be able to "try again." Set the number of attempts in form view. Go back to slide view and select the Try Again layer. Click on the text box that contains the feedback text and create a new state with your feedback for the first wrong answer. Repeat with each answer, so that you have multiple states for the text box. Create triggers that change the state of the text box to correspond to each answer by using "state" for the "when" of the trigger and selecting the radio button to be set to "selected."  You will then have different text show up with each answer and still have the option to try again. If you have selected answers to be in random order, it still works.

Alice Stegemann

For multiple response type questions, you could add a Correct or Incorrect state for each answer and change it in some way such as adding checks or x's or changing color to indicate if it is wrong or right. If the slide is set for feedback to occur after the submit button is clicked, they won't get a hint ahead of time. You can do something similar with drag-and-drop; you can change the look of the Drop Correct and Drop Incorrect states to show up after submit is hit.