Regrarding Copyright, can you use Youtube Videos in E-Learning Modules

Hello Everyone!

I would like to use Youtube videos in my elearning modules.  If you are using a Youtube video from a company such as BlessingWhite, would you need to permisson to use it in a module.  I think that it would be "fair game" because it it on Youtube, but you NEVER know when it comes to copyright...

Thank You!

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Ralf  Baum

Hi Sharron,

Copyright is always a difficult topic. Generally I would suggest to ask the copyright owner to get permission. All other options are dangerous.

I read an article about that topic just yesterday. Perhaps it explains the difficuties.

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Rebekah Massmann

I agree, you should seek permission to include the video. They may give you permission to use their publicly available videos because it is essentially advertisement for them to get more views. I once received permission to use a video from the youtube channel of a similar type of leadership development company, at no charge. Another time we asked to show a video from some motivational speakers (a smaller operation), and they charged us a small fee, but also gave us the source file if I remember correctly. It just depends!

Stormy Causey

We have had this come up from a partner who had posted their continuing education material on You Tube. They then requested our accreditation and that we host it in our LMS.  I was told go got get it off of You Tube... however...when checking ... You Tube held the rights as it was on their site.  The author had to 'go get it' and send it to me, letting You Tube know why. I think it is like a published article, which once published, becomes the property of the publisher and no longer the property of the author.  Always check.... the fines for using copyright materials w/o permissions can be stiff.