Storyline360 Escape Room with xAPI "Trackery"

Mar 07, 2018

Elle Emmess Manor

Hey ELHs!

In this opportunity I'm sharing some cool work I did with pals Devlin Peck, Jenna Petroskey and Evangelos Neochoritis as part of the current SL360 Wizards xapi-cohort team.


The concept is an Escape Room game where players learn about xAPI and solve challenges to escape. We had some great fun with this and our xAPI "trackery" lets us track several behaviors and actions taken within the room.

One cool detail about this design is... wait for it... all graphic assets and effects come from Storyline360 (ok, except the fire gif ). 

As of today, we added aesthetics to the result slide and a leaderboard for the top 5 players.  We are working on our second room to keep the adventure going so, be on the lookout!

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Phil Mayor

Thanks for sharing Alex I like loads of it. Great idea.

I had some odd things happening with correct incorrect feedback showing up. I hoped for an easter egg when I dropped one of the drop targets into the fire.

I think some of the images and buttons are incongruent and could do with being swapped, but great idea.

Devlin Peck

@Roshan You for sure can! I haven't used the Ancile platform, but if it can host a SCORM package and connect to the internet, then you should be able to send xAPI statements from the Storyline SCORM package. Here's a good guide to start with:

Sarah Hodge

Hello Masia! Great question! I'm no expert at xAPI statements, so I just wanted to chime in with a few resources on the topic:

I hope those resources help!