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Bianca Woods

Hi Alice,

Welcome to the community! It sounds like you're being asked to do quality assurance (QA) testing. If that's the case, these two articles can be helpful for learning more about how it can work:

When it comes to things working as they should, one of the biggest parts of QA testing is just trying your hardest to break things. Access the content on a bunch of different devices and browsers. Click through interactions and course navigation in ways that are entirely wrong. Get through part of the course, leave, and then see what happens when you come back to it. Try failing the course and make sure your LMS shows you haven't completed it yet.  Anything that will help you find unexpected ways your course might break once it's published.

You can do this testing yourself, but if you can also get one or more testers who aren't familiar with your course it's helpful. Since the entire course is new to them, they'll usually find issues you might not have discovered on your own.

It's also worthwhile to do accessibility testing to check how your course works with assistive technology. This article has a good checklist for testing how a course works with a screen reader. Other accessibility testing can be even easier. Try using the Tab button to check what the experience is like if someone uses keyboard navigation. And check to make sure any audio/video content you have has closed captions.