course is VERY (unusably) slow on Review 360.

I overwrote an existing draft on Review. Original was working fine, but the upload is unusable -- slide transitions that should take 0.5 seconds take 5 seconds.... text doesn't appear at the time it is supposed to....

I have ZERO idea what is going on here -- the issue seems to be with Review itself.

I am, of course, on deadline. Anybody have any ideas?



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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Greg. Thanks for keeping us in the loop, as that does sound frustrating!

I'd love to help investigate the load time if you're comfortable with sharing the Review 360 URL. You can send it privately to us by using this link or publicly here.

Also, is this happening on all browsers or a specific one?

Gretchen Luongo

I am experiencing this issue with a Storyline course published to Review - was there a resolution to this issue? It was working fine and now I have several people who were tasked with QA on the course reporting extremely slow load times. I am have republished the course and it has not resolved the issue. Additionally, I am not able to replicate the issue.

Becca Levan

Hi Gretchen! I'm sorry to hear so many are experiencing slow load times with a published Storyline course. We'd love to help get to the bottom of this!

If you could share your .story file privately with us by using this link or publicly here, we'd be happy to test things on our end.

Staying tuned here to keep at this with you!

Andrea Koehntop

Hi James! I apologize for the issues you are experiencing with slow loading time with your course in Review 360 on your desktop computer. 

  • Since you mentioned desktop specifically, have you tried this on another device with the same long wait time result? 
  • Is this happening on all browsers, or a specific one?

I want to help investigate the load time if you could share your Review URL either publicly here or privately in a case