Delete previous versions in Articulate Review?

Jan 22, 2018

Hi there

I noticed some weeks I have put up multiple versions of my storyline file to articulate review, I thought I would de-clutter the drop down list, but doesn't look like I can delete old versions?  Is that true?  Or have I just missed how to do it?

I don't want to lose all the comments, so I don't want to delete and upload new, it is important to update new version of existing to keep the comments....




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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Teresa, 

Great question and idea! We sent it along to our team to look into as a new feature as we don't currently have anything like that. We'll keep you posted here as we track demand of that feature, and here's a little insight into how a feature becomes a part of our roadmap.

If you need to delete courses from your Review account, but are worried about losing comments, take a look at the steps here to export them. 

Maryam Sadigh

Hello, is there any updates on this thread? I like to clean my Review360 account with old versions of the courses and move them to trash, but cannot figure out how? I used to get an option to delete the course and they're going my Deleted Items bin, not I cannot do it. I appreciate your advice. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Maryam,

You can still delete Review 360 courses, but it'll delete all versions of that course and move them to the Deleted items bin. You'll need to delete the course from the main Review 360 page using the three dots on each card, as you can't delete while you have the course open. 

We'll continue to update this discussion if we add in a feature for deleting individual versions of a course. 

Vincent Scoma

Hey Emily,

Great question! When a project is deleted in Review 360, it remains in the deleted folder until you permanently delete or restore that file. The folder does not automatically empty the files unless you manually choose to permanently delete those files. 

We have a great resource that provides further details on this: Delete and Restore Projects.

If you have any additional questions about this, please let us know! 

Katie Riggio

Hey there, Dharmesh. Great question!

If you permanently delete a project in Review 360 and then select Create a new item in your authoring tool's publish window for that course, that will generate a new, unique shareable link.

However, if the course is still in the deleted folder, you can restore it and then republish it under the same shareable link by selecting Publish a new version of an existing item

If you're a visual learner, here is a short demo of the process!

Katie Riggio

Happy Monday, Dharmesh!

I appreciate you circling back and will share your vote in our report. That way, we'll let you know if this feature gets added to a future update!

In the meantime, one approach can be to export all comments from the project and then publish a new item with a new version history. (Keep in mind that this will create a new shareable link.)

Jessica Kellerman

Hi there

I too would find a feature where you are able to delete a specific version from review really useful. Not sure how to comment on feature request (or if it is possible?) so adding the comment here. 

Example of a scenario where this is useful - I just published a new version of a Storyline file to review after a team member had worked on it and realised a few minutes later dropbox had not synched, so the version I published was incorrect. I need to keep the trail of previous versions (as there are specific checks and changes on each) and new versions in the same Review file, though would have liked to delete the incorrectly published version as it is redundant and may cause confusion down the line.

In the meantime (perhaps for a different thread), if you have any suggestions of a better way of working on SL projects with a remote team, without using dropbox (we are experiencing numerous sync issues with no solution from dropbox after months of enquiry) that would be really great as it may prevent issues like the above in future. I have the feeling I may be missing something obvious I'm missing in the workings of team slides!



Vincent Scoma

Hi Jessica,

Thank you for reaching out and adding your voice! I will be sure to provide these comments in our report for our team to review. You are in the right place, so we will be sure to share any updates to this thread! 

In regards to working on SL projects with a team, I wanted to share this help guide that discusses Team Slides and working collaboratively in more detail. Team slides can make collaborating easier for your team by allowing you to share and manage team slides and insert them into Storyline courses. 

Please let us know if you have any questions! We are happy to help! 

K Smith

Hi I'd like to to add my voice to this request. It would be great to be able to send out a 'clean' published item using the same link as before but without a list of previous versions in the dropdown. I don't want clients scrolling through that. I just want them to have the current version. Nor do I want to change the name of the link and have to confuse them by sending updated links everytime something is updated - its better if they know they can just use the same link they know and trust and not get muddled over which link to use.

Chris Roetzer

+1 here, so staff, is this an open feature request that was created 2 years ago-ish? I'd design it something like a pop up with check boxes to delete older versions and determine how to handle comments related to deleted one's but that might be a non-issue within the current logic?

That is, when you pub a new version, I think the comments from the prior version carryforward. That said though IDK what happens regardless of this new feature when, for example, the course structure changes (new version has one or more slides deleted or one or more added).

New slides would seem to be easy to deal with (keep comments tied to the orig. slide regardless of present slide #), but unsure about comments from a deleted slide - do they get orphaned now (remain in the new version but no longer tied to a slide)? Or likely they're "gone" in the new version for any slide deleted that had comments? I'll have to test this idea...

For a Rise course, keeping older versions might be something an author may want as I'm unsure about ability to save out older versions?