Doc links to review courses get re-directed to articulate website

Apr 13, 2022

Hello. For users who don't have access to our LMS we publish elearning modules to our website using a Review link (this makes it easier to update than publishing for web). When a user goes to the website it works fine. But when I created a word doc with a hyperlink to the same review link, it redirects the learner to These same links worked fine just a couple months ago, so can you think of why they might be re-directing now?

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Michael Robinson


I am experiencing the same issue.  I've included links to Review 360 eLearning modules in a Word document for client review.  But when clicked, they are asked for their email address and password, which does not lead to the module for review.

When I click the same  link from the Word doc, I am taken to the Articulate 360 Dashboard, instead of to the module in question.  And I do have an Articulate ID and remain signed into my account.

The same Review 360 links work for everyone, if sent via Outlook email.  

Is this an issue with MS Word because the reviewers email address is not assumed / attached to their comment and feedback, as it is via Outlook?

The Word doc is a great vehicle for eLearning reviews, since it includes a summary of each module and all related materials.  It can also be saved on a network drive for future viewing, updates, etc.

If needed, I can provide links for the same module, sent via Outlook, and included in a Word doc for further review.


Andrea Koehntop

Hi Michael! Thank you for sharing details about what you are experiencing by sharing Review 360 links in MS Word. I apologize for the issues you are having.

When you click the Review link from MS Word and sign in, can you see the module for Review, or does it ever get you there?

Could you share the Review link in a support case with us? That way, we can test to see how it's behaving. 

Eric Santos

Hi Noortje,

I'm sorry to hear you're hitting this snag! I tried to put a hyperlink pointing to a Review 360 course in a Word document, and it's opening as expected. Does this happen to all Review courses you have or only to particular ones?

Would you be willing to share the Review 360 link/s here or privately through a support case so we can run some tests?

Thanks for your patience!