Review 360 requiring Articulate account holders to sign in to leave feedback

I have a Rise course being reviewed by several people on Review 360 and it is set to allow comments without an ID and to not require email to comment. Some of my reviewers had Articulate accounts for eLearning Heroes or support in the past but are no longer actively using the accounts. They are not 360 subscribers. Review is requiring them to sign in before they can leave comments.  It is not ideal since most have not used their IDs in a long time and must reset their password before they can complete their review. With tight timelines, and busy schedules, this is causing abrasion and confusion with my project team. Is this an expected behavior? Can this be turned off so anyone can comment without signing in?

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Mark Ellis

We have a related problem - with people who have never had an articulate login.

All over the world we have had users accessing courses on review360 using a URL with no problem. As of yesterday however our Singapore SMEs are finding the URL is NOT taking them to the course in review360 but directly to a login screen... however when I use the same URL it takes me to the lesson.

Any thoughts? We're about to abandon review360 which would be a big blow.

Joe Tansengco

Hi Mark,

We've seen cases before wherein reviewers previously created an Articulate ID through an Articulate 360 Trial subscription and forgot about them which then caused their email address to prompt a login when leaving a comment in Review 360. Here's an article on leaving comments in Review 360 for your reference. 

Please ask your SMEs to reach out to our support team here so we can verify if they have an existing Articulate ID. If they do, they'll need to enter their account password moving forward to leave comments in Review 360. 

Hope this helps!

Andrea Koehntop

Hi Capstone ITS, and welcome to the E-Learning Heroes community! ✨

I apologize for the issues you are having with sharing links for Review 360.

As Joe mentioned above to Mark, if a reviewer ever previously had a trial of Articulate 360, it could prompt them to login. 

If your reviewers do not remember ever having a login, you can reach out to our support team to verify if they've ever logged in with an Articulate ID. 

Kelly Auner

Hi Mark,

I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing this issue! The last major change to Review 360 was released in March. You can find more information about that here. I have a few clarifying questions for you.

  • Have you tried testing the links in incognito mode?
  • Is this happening with more than one browser?

We are currently investigating an issue where the end of Review 360 links are being changed from /review to /feedback. Can you please check if the Review 360 link you are trying to share ends with /review or /feedback?

If you feel comfortable, you can share your Review 360 link with our support engineers so we can investigate further!

Luciana Piazza

Hello Liz, Mark and Phil!

I have good news to share! We updated the link in the email notification so you'll find that the link goes to the Feedback area rather than a sign-in page. 

Please let us know if you have any questions by reaching out in this discussion or to our Support Engineers directly.

Have a great day!