How can my entire team view the content I place in Articulate Review?

This may be in a different thread (but I can't find it), or I'm misunderstanding - but I thought when I published something to Articulate Review, my entire team could view it on their Review, too.  Is that not the case?  Do I need to send them the link, even if they're on my team?  I understand sending the link to folks outside my team and/or to those that don't have 360 but didn't think I needed to if they are on my team.  

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simondavide tritto

Hi Articulate support team,

just got back to this thread and frankly it's disappointing to read your staff's comments telling "we'll see if this feature can be in our product roadmap" being over 1 year old. One year should be enough to have some visibility if this feature will be considered or not, so please let us know something. Personally I think collaboration features are at least as important as design features, so I hope you'll find some time and resources to focus on this, even though you might need to set aside some bright new content creation feature for some time.

Bret Jorgensen

Hi Simon,

Everyone here wishes we could tell you that a 360 Team Collaboration/Shared Folder feature was already in development, but it's not. Have we talked internally about this feature and started to map out how this feature would work for all 360 users? Yes, we have.

We set our target feature roadmap each year and allocate our teams throughout the year accordingly. The goal is to hopefully deliver on that plan. Overlapping feature teams on a monthly release cycle is a challenge. Couple that with our 360 applications' complexity, and you are left with an intricate web to weave.

Unfortunately, 2020 was not the year for this feature. But, we are planning our tentative 2021 roadmap now. Your passion for this feature is shared by many others, so I hope that our next update will provide you with the information you are looking for.

simondavide tritto

Thanks Bret, appreciate your honest feedback.
I know what dilemmas are faced when developing SW and having to deal with features' prioritization.
I also directly know that SW vendors are not always enough sensitive to their customers' voice, as sometimes this would mean a big change of plans, and also that the temptation of going for the low hanging fruits is sometimes high, so the overall feeling is "our product is constantly evolving", with plenty of new features but not always matched with high added value.
I truly think collaborative features are key to all modern sw tools, that's why I'm so fond about implementing a thorough team structure in your product. I'm sure you understand that too, and I'll be trustfully looking forward to getting this available in a next (near) release.


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Ren Gomez

Hi Everyone - Here's a sneak peek into our vision for how Review 360 will evolve in 2021 based on community feedback. This is an early outline of proposed features that will be reassessed throughout our planning and development phases.

Sharing & Collaboration

  • Share item/folder with your team
  • Admin view of content
  • Team permissions for project updates

Organization & Content Management

  • Folder hierarchy and structure improvements
  • Bulk item actions
  • Export/Publish to specific folders
  • Version Management
  • Manually uploading SL360 courses
  • Export as SCORM package

We're sharing this high-level update with you all to reinforce our commitment to improving Review 360. Much of the details around these features have yet to be fleshed out, but with your feedback and posts, we hope to continue working through this to get it right!

Sam Czerwonka

We just purchased Teams 360 and quite frankly, I'm shocked that such an obvious collaboration tool isn't already inside the 360 product. Good to see it has been added to the roadmap now, but disappointing that it is still 3 years later with no indication of when it might be added.

Oh well. We'll just have to keep using multiple tools to track content and manually share our projects between developers using good old fashioned shared drives. 

Please prioritize these items from the earlier post:

Share item/folder with your team
Admin view of content

The other items look like nice to haves, but for our team, and by the sounds of it, for everyone else, those features are the most desired.

Vanessa Moran

Agree - this would be very helpdul. E.g. my colleague update a storyline file for me. Published to review and sent link to client. I now have added edit to the same storyline file but cannot publish to version my client has - because it was published to review by my colleague. I want to publish on review as a new version in order to maintain the comments which the client has already made. Hoping this is added as a feature. Would be great.