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Justin Grenier

Thanks for the feedback, Steve!

In order for Articulate Review to support hopping into the content on click, we'd need to add a feature to our desktop authoring tools (Storyline and Studio) to support jumping to a specific slide, almost like an anchor tag on a web page.  That's a cool thought and we'll consider it!

In the meantime, here's a Peek at how to tell exactly which slide each comment refers to.

Thanks for trying Review!

Aukalen M

We have a long course and in advanced rounds, we're checking only if a few comments where addressed in specific slides.

At this stage, it's not time efficient to navigate through the whole course again to find comments and see if they were addressed.  It'll be much easier to go to the feedback view and click on the specific slide that had a comment and check if the comment was addressed.

Instead, we have to go back to the course and find that slide manually, which I know how to do, it's just that one click will make it much easier than several clicks.  At the moment as it is, we don't find the feedback tab useful as we never end up using it.

Aukalen M

Thanks Ashley, yes, we did.

Also, we noticed that if clients want to use feedback tab to check if corrections were applied, the screenshots shown are from the old version. 

So for example, if client ask to fix a typo, then we fix it, we republish and add a comment saying it's fixed.  When they check this comment and click on the image next to it, they see the old screenshot that still has the error.  

It would also be useful for them to see a screenshot of the latest version instead.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Aukalen,

Thanks for sharing your feedback on using Review to communicate with your clients. 

Just a couple of additional questions:

  • Are they looking at the original version you shared with them when checking your reply?
  • Do they see the correct image with your update in the latest version in Review 360?
Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Aukalen,

The individual screenshots or thumbnails are only associated with comments that are added to the Review 360 feedback. So if the reviewers/SMEs go back to look at older feedback, they'll still see the previous thumbnail image. If you'd like them to know where the change was made, you could add a new comment while viewing that slide so that a new thumbnail is generated into the feedback tab.

Hope that makes sense! 

Aukalen M

I understand.  The problem we are having is that people are using the feedback tab to quickly check if a change was made in a particular slide instead of going to the course and navigating to that slide.

In the feedback tab you can only reply to a previous comment and not create a new one, so a new screenshot is not created.  Is that what's happening?

In this particular case, the course is quite long and in the course, there is no way to go to a specific slide without navigating to it slide by slide, so it'll be much easier if we could go to the specific slide by clicking on it in the feedback tab to check if a requested change has been applied correctly.

I hope this makes sense.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Aukalen,

Yes, if they're responding to old comments those will keep the previous screenshots. The only way to generate a new screenshot would be to add a new comment. It may help if you provide this guide to your reviewers so that they know what's expected and how to navigate.

Also, you could look at "Resolving and Hiding" the comments to make it a bit harder for folks ot get back to those and see them.  

Brooke Lown

I'd love this feature also! Any movement on this?

Our courses are very long and it is not quick or easy for our reviewers to go back and forth between tabs. Downloading the comments and trying to find the correct slide from the download sheet can be confusing as our menus are complex and finding a particular slide can be difficult and very time-consuming. 

Shannon Connor

I'm stunned, really, that the staff seems not to understand why this feature would be beneficial. I've assumed this was something that was going to be rolled out eventually as the benefit of clicking on a comment to take the reviewer to the slide is obvious. Same with updated screenshots. Is there really a lack of understanding about the benefits of this feature? I had a meeting with my team of developers, IDs, and QA folks today and all of them were talking about how unfortunate it is that AR does not have this feature. C'mon Articulate! You guys are the best! Get on board! :-)