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David Naylor


I am having the same problem here to display All Content in Review 360 the page is incredibly slow to respond or does not respond at all and I have to refresh the browser. 

The system keeps saying I am off line and will reconnect me however I am using other web based applications including Rise which are all working perfectly and I am on a very fast wired connection to the Internet not wifi. 

I use Google Chrome which is the standard within our organisation and I use this for everything with no problems. 

I do now have a lot of courses on the Review 360 as I have been using it since its inception about 3 years ago. Is there a limit to the number of courses one can have published on the Articulate cloud?

Many thanks

Lori Fitzsimmons

I'm having the same issue as well. Yesterday I tried to view a SL file in Review 360  (Chrome) and got the same error message as described above, stating I was offline and will reconnect, even though my internet connection was fine. I also have a fast internet connection. I tried to review other SL files and got the same results. It took about 10 minutes before it finally displayed. I experience this periodically, but yesterday the issue lasted longer than usual. It happened around 1:10 pm PST.  


Hi Lori!

It looks like everything was up around that time.

I would check to make sure your Chrome is on the latest version, which is Version 99.0.4844.51 (Official Build).

You could also try to clear your cache.

You are always welcome to connect with our Support Engineers, which I think may be a good option for you if none of the above work.