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Katie Riggio

Welcome, Patricia! ūüĎč

Glad you're giving Rise a whirl, and thanks for sharing your insight! While there currently isn't a built-in feature to resize images in the Quiz lessons, I'm going to pass your feature request to our product team! 

There may be some alternative ways of accomplishing the same goal, though! With the custom Image & Text block, you can change image sizes to 25%, 50%, and 75%. You can also remove the top and bottom padding (the space between blocks).


Could having that¬†Image¬†& Text¬†above a custom Knowledge Check (multiple choice quiz) block‚Äďwith the padding removed‚Äďhelp with what you're looking to do? Here's a quick sample course I mocked up, so we can compare the pre-built and custom block options.

Let me know what you think, as I'm happy to keep digging for other possibilities!

Lauren Deyce

Hi Katie, I'm brand new to Articulate and am creating my first course using Rise 360. I've been trying to adjust the image size above my quiz questions but don't see the option to adjust image and text as in your explanation above. Settings takes me to the general quiz settings, and when I select to edit the image I have a limited list of options (attached). Please tell this newbie what she's missing. :)

Veronika Pöhnl

Hi Kelly, thanks for your trick, that sure works well for viewing quizzes on PC.

I'm also struggling with images in quizzes, which just work wonderfully when viewed with mobile devices but are just a little too big (force users to scroll down to view the answer options) when viewed with a bigger monitor.

Also - thank you Katie, creating smaller images with questions below size-adjusted images in lessons looks good, but it doesn't give you the opportunity to have a comprehensive result for a number of questions. 

So I'd also be very happy for a solution that handles image size in quizzes more smoothly in different formats.