Articuate Rise - Can you publish a .zip file without the file being compressed?

Jan 27, 2020

I've spent the past 3 days investigating an issue with importing a published .zip file from Rise. After speaking with my LMS vendor they discovered that the .zip file extracted from Rise was automatically compressed. My LMS will not take a compressed file. Is there a way to publish from Rise without compression? I really don't want to have to unzip every published file and then rezip it without compression. Please help!

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Dana Collins

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for the reply. We are implementing SuccessFactors LMS in the next couple of months. We are in discussion with our LMS support team now on how to resolve this issue. They were able to unzip the published Articulate Rise 360 file and rezip it without compression. Once this was done the file worked as expected in LMS. However, we have a ton of courses that we are re-creating in Articulate and we would prefer not to take this extra step. Also, we do not have any software capable of saving a zip file without compression. Getting new software approved is a lengthy process for us. We only have a few weeks until we implement this new LMS and don't have a lot of extra time.

If anyone is using the SuccessFactors LMS I'd love here about their experience.



Simone Basilio

Hi Alyssa,

I want to provide more information about this.

We were having no problems with zip files created by Rise until around August 2020. That leads me to believe that an update in the Rise code around that time caused the current issue. Until that point, after exporting the published file Rise would take us to the folder where the zip file had been saved. After the update, Rise started taking us to the actual content of the zip file. Please see the images attached. 

From that point on, we had to start unzipping and reziping published files created by Rise, otherwise, SuccessFactors would not take them. I am aware of the workaround but that is not ideal given the number of courses we publish on a daily basis.

When can we expect to have this issue fixed?

Dana Collins

I posted this one year ago and we still do not have a fix. We had to purchase WinRAR to rezip the Rise files for SuccessFactors LMS. Other Zip applications did not work for us. We have over 120 Admin and we only have 1 user (me) with WinRAR application (our company is not willing to purchase WinRAR for all admin) , so they are all waiting on me to rezip their files daily. This is incredibly frustrating. We don't have any issue with Storyline or Studio Zip files, just Rise. I really wish all 3 Articulate applications worked the same way. Please help!

Simone Basilio

Hi Dana,

I am in the same situation and I feel your pain. 

I have been investing my personal time investigating the issue. I even recorded two screen captures to explain the problem:

Video 1

Video 2

The answer I received from the support team was to try to upload the course to ScormCloud. If that doesn't work, then I should send the .zip file for their analysis.

I disagree with that.

  • The problem is not one specific Rise course; it's all our Rise courses. The issue should be easily duplicated.
  • If SuccessFactors is the culprit, why don't we have the same problem with Storyline or Studio courses?
  • Most importantly, Rise .zips used to work just fine in SuccessFactors, which tells me there is a way to make them work again.

I am determined to find a solution to this issue and I will keep you posted. 


Simone Basilio

Any updates on this? 

This is the information I found on the SAP knowledge base regarding the error we receive when uploading a zip file created by Rise.

"When importing a ZIP file, this is going to be an AICC or SCORM content. The Import Content tool looks at the root directly of the ZIP for a manifest file (imsmanifest.xml). If the manifest file is not at the top-level directory (or root) of the ZIP, then the error will be seen."

We need a solution for this. 

Thank you.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Dana and Simone,

Our team has been working to nail down why Rise 360 zipped SCORM packages don't upload successfully for you in SuccessFactors. I know this has been a frustration for a while now, and we want to do all we can to resolve it. We've even partnered with administrators at SuccessFactors for testing, and they haven't been able to reproduce the error yet. We'd love to get your help. 

The zipped file linked below is a Rise 360 template (ADA Compliance for Employees) exported as SCORM 1.2. I did not unzip/rezip this package after it was exported. 

Can you please try uploading the package linked below to your SuccessFactors account and let me know if it uploads successfully? Here's what I see from my account. 

I'll be standing by! Thank you! 

File download link: