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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Douglas! That definitely doesn't sound right, so I'm glad you reached out! Can you tell me more about when you noticed this issue?

  • Does this only happen after the course is published?
  • If so, where did you host the published output file for testing?
  • What web browser were you using when you ran into this problem?
  • Would you be willing to send us the course Share link so we can test it from our side? If that works for you, you can open a case here.
Douglas Opicka

It happens both when editing the course and after it is published.

It seems to only be happening in the timeline block.

It doesn't happen with every audio in the timeline. I can't figure this

I have removed the audio, and uploaded the file again and then it happens

Doug Opicka
Plaid, LLC
Email: doug@BeingPlaid.com

Martha Lewis

Late yesterday I was able to connect with Support via Live Chat and they confirmed the glitch isn't fixed.  My entire course - a history of our company - is done in timeline blocks, six of which have glitchy sound.  I think I'm facing have to completely redesign my course.  It's very disappointing and frustrating, but at least I know not to spend any more time trying to figure out what I did wrong!  My first Articulate course - and I find a bug! 

Martha Lewis

I only encounter the issue in the Timeline blocks, so I pulled the audio out of the malfunctioning timeline events and put them in separate audio files "above" the timeline events.  It doesn't look nearly as cool but it solved the problem without having to completely redo a company history "story" that was 95% timeline.  I hope to get word that the bug is fixed at some point and revert back to what I had.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Carol! It sounds like the audio in your Storyline blocks is overlapping, is that right? 

Storyline blocks automatically play by default, which can cause interference when there are multiple Storyline blocks in the same Rise 360 lesson. Here are some ways to prevent Storyline blocks from overlapping.

  • Use only static content on the first slide of each Storyline course so there aren't any sounds or animations to distract learners from other content in the Rise 360 lesson.
  • If the first slide of each Storyline course has media or animations, add a trigger to each course that pauses the timeline of the first slide when the timeline starts. Then add a button to the first slide of each course that lets learners resume the timeline when they're ready to proceed.
  • Add a continue block between Storyline blocks so learners can reveal one Storyline interaction at a time.
Carol North

Hi Alyssa.

Yes, I do have multiple SL blocks in some of the lessons 🙁. I did actually add a continue block, and it works okay until they review a lesson, then suddenly all the audio in that lesson plays at once.

The trigger option doesn't fit the course - there are too many SL block and it would get tedious for the user.

I have submitted a case so I will come back here an post an answer if there is one. Thanks for your suggestions.

Susan Schleef

We are having a problem with this double audio as well, but we are not using a timeline block. We created a series of lightbox slides in Storyline, each of them autoplaying a short video when the learner clicks on the related icon. We saved the whole thing as a Storyline block to insert into Rise. Interestingly, we have so far only seen the problem when playing the course (in our LMS test site) on a Mac using Safari browser. Nobody who was testing on a PC reported this problem.

If it would be helpful for anyone at Articulate to access our course, let me know. Meanwhile we'll be trying to figure out some kind of work around.