Black screen with play button when I import to Rise

I created a storyline block with an activity. When I load it into Rise I get a black block with a play button. I don't see it when I view, it neither does anyone else with Rise access, but when the SME accesses it using the Review link, there it is. I can't find any properties to make it disappear. Please help!  

Thank you,


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Rhonda!

On desktop computers, you'll see a play button if the Storyline block contains any kind of media on the first slide. The play button may eventually disappear when your browser learns you've allowed media to autoplay on the hosting site. 

To get rid of this play button for anyone who views the course, you can create a new first slide in the Storyline content that mimics the current first slide but doesn't have any media on it. 

Simply duplicate the first slide to create a copy of it. Then, delete the video, and replace it with a screenshot of the video where the video would go. Finally, add your own play button that jumps to the next slide. 

Rhonda McCullough

LOL I did just that before I saw your reply. Thank you for your help!  Thing is that it had audio not video and I didn't have it on autoplay. I'm so not happy with how Rise reacts with Storyline. I DO understand that this is a browser issue. No problems at all with other browsers, just when viewed via Google.