Both Rise360 and Storyline360 have lack of "really basic" features...

Oct 18, 2021

I'm mounting a course in Rise 360 and I can't find some useful options that are very basic, as well as:
-- Duplicate questions in a quiz (if I have several different questions with all the same answers options, I must rewrite al the answers for each new question)
-- More types of Drag & Drop quiz interactions, not just simple matching of only 2 elements.
-- Inline blank field to write in, in the "fill in the blank" quiz... as in the obsolete Moodle, for example.
-- No way to add a simple AUDIO PLAYER in Sto┬íryline 360  

-- No possible to have multiple Drag & Drop field in Rise 360, as in the obsolete Moodle... 

See the attachments to know what I mean... 
An authoring tools with the limitations who have Articulate 360, might to be free of charge.

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Renz Sevilla

Hi Emanuele! Thanks for letting us know these are features you'd like to see in Rise 360 and Storyline 360. 

For now, if you'd like to use a "fill in the blank" type of question for Rise 360, I can suggest using a third-party form such as Google Forms, and inserting this in an Embed Block.

For Drag & Drop type interactions in Rise 360, you can try creating this in Storyling 360, publishing to Review 360 and inserting this in an SL Block.

It really helps us to know what features are the most useful for our users as well as their learners! I've taken the liberty of adding you to multiple feature requests. If we make any updates or changes that help to address the features you're looking for, I'll reach out here!

Hazel Bartolome

Hi Andrea!

Great news!  We have a solution to your first suggestion regarding duplicating questions.

Announcing the beta of question banks in Rise 360!

With the quiz question bank feature, you can create a set of questions once, and reuse that bank as many times as you want in the same course or even across multiple courses. What a huge timesaver!

Find out more about creating, managing, and using question banks in our Rise 360 User Guide.