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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Wellcoaches, 

We use Embedly to embed rich media in Rise courses, which means you can use videos, images, documents and other media from over 400 content providers, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, and Scribd. See the complete list of supported content providers here

I didn't see Disqus on that list though - I also tried looking at their site to get a better sense of how they embed into other websites, and was stumped. Do you have other discussion tools you've looked at using? 

You could also look at exporting the Rise courses and uploading to your LMS to see if that will allow you to sync with your existing Disqus set up. 

Let us know what you end up with - it may be just the thing another Community member is looking for! 😀

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Andrew, 

Although there isn't a native discussion board tool in Rise, you can easily set one up using a link to another site. My colleague, Alyssa, shared steps here on how she set this up using Padlet.

Perhaps that'll get you started and I'll be interested to know what else folks in the ELH community have used! 

Andrew Ratner

I like Padlet. I used it when I worked as a teacher. The embed is a little wonky, though, and isn't clearly used as a "reply" feature, necessarily, but I get the idea. 

I wonder what other discussion/forum web apps there are out there, and how easily those can be embedded? Anyone in the community use web-based discussion forums beyond Disqus?


Amber Starfire

Hi Alyssa,

Yes, I’ve tried. I can successfully embed other web content, but I’ve tried with two different online forums (that I created) and in both cases, no success. In the first one, in the rise block it says “refuses to connect” and the second URL I tried (a different provider) just shows up blank.

Here’s the URL of the one that showed up blank: http://fahw.forumotion.com/f1-your-first-forum. Maybe it’s something with the forum sites?


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Sim! 

Are you using a third-party discussion tool? If so, you should be able to embed it in your lesson using a Multimedia Embed block. 

To try adding embedded content to your lesson, use the formula <iframe src="URL"></iframe>. Just replace URL with the link for the content you want to embed. Success depends on whether or not the site you linked to allows their content to be embedded in frames. 

Sim D'Hertefelt

Hi Alyssa, the problem is to know what third-party discussion tools allow for iframe-embedding. DISQUS doesn't. Padlet's look & feel is really poor. And the embedly list one of your staff refers to, does not allow for filtering on discussion tools. 

So it would be really helpfull to either get some names for tools from you or otherwise to be able to embed div-snippets in Rise. 

Jonny Kowal

Hi guys, really interesting thread thanks.

we’re just about to invest in articulate 360 and forums are important to our programmes. Has there been any movement with this or has anyone happened to fins a useful forum elsewhere that embeds nicely. Also, I assume that if you can embed on rise, you can do likewise in storyline. Is that right?


Jonny Kowal

Hi Karl, thanks so much for replying. Yes, we’ll be using our LMS which is moodle. Had been using it for authoring too (+ h5p plugin) but can’t stand it. So moving design to articulate 360 then publishing on moodle (SCORM). Moodle has forum pages which we use in our currently under par courses. But I can’t figure how we can have full display of articulate on screen (all functionality in the articulate course so not using moodle side panel) but integrating moodle forum pages through the course. Also, those would need to blend well with the course design features and we don’t have the designers to do that. Anyway, I’m loading all my issues here. First things first, any pointers on how to integrate moodle forum pages  into our articulate course would be very helpful