Can't paste Hex value into background colour of a block

Jun 22, 2022

Hi I am finding intermittently that when pasting a Hex colour value into the background colour of a block in Rise that the colour automatically reverts to #000000 (black). It doesn't matter how many times I try and paste the value in it gets replaced with the black Hex value. The only way I can change the Hex colour value is to manually type it into the Hex value field. It doesn't do it every time though, but a bit annoying as I need to paste the value into another doc or text file so I can remember what the value is :) cheers Gerry error with pasting in hex value 

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Hazel Bartolome

Hi Gerry!  So sorry to hear that when you attempt to change the hex color value, it defaults back to black #000000, and you need to manually type in the correct value into the hex value field. I tried to replicate the issue and it does happen randomly to me as well. I've reported this and we'll update this thread if we make changes that will help!