Change bullet color in Rise

Jan 15, 2018

In Rise, when I change the color of text to white, the bullets remain black.  Is there a way to make the bullets the same color as text?

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Joseph Valentine

It seems to me that there's quite a lot more that could be done with bullets. In Word, I often replace the bullet symbols entirely with all manner of shapes and images. The same thing in PowerPoint. I tried to make a very simple list (just 3 items) that included the icons for outgoing call, incoming call, and missed call - plus a brief description of each. I'm not a very experienced Rise user yet, but I can't find any practical way to accomplish that. I can't replace the bullet symbols, I can't paste the icons into the actual list item. Am I missing some way that I could accomplish this?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Joseph!

Have you tried using emojis as bullets? They're a fun way to spruce up your text and add visual interest! Here's a sample of what emoji bullets would look like.

I copy/pasted those emojis from this emoji web bank. You may also be able to pull up an emoji keyboard using a simple keyboard shortcut.

Watch my short demo to see exactly how I added those emojis to a text block. Let me know what you think! 

Joseph Valentine

Alyssa - thanks for pointing this out, and I'm sure I can and will use it - but so far it doesn't help me in my current situation. I'm trying to use very specific icons to create training materials around 8x8. While the "Incoming call" and "Outgoing call" icons are generic enough that there are arrows that will work, I can't find any emoji like the "Missed call" icon - like a "broken" diagonal arrow first pointing to lower left, then bending to upper left. Although I can recreate the shape any number of ways, it seems impossible to bring them into Rise in any acceptable way for this particular challenge. There doesn't seem to be a way (or at least I can't find it) to insert a png file or copy and paste a shape I draw in another application, like Word or PowerPoint.

Simon Allistone

While we're waiting for a software solution from Articulate, there is a workaround if you know a bit about HTML and CSS. This only works for the published Rise courses in HTML format sitting locally on your machine.

Locate the 'main.bundle.css' file in the 'lib' folder of the published course. Open in a text editor. You can add CSS code here to the very bottom of the document to either change the colour of bullets throughout the document, or for specific bullets on certain pages. 

For instance, the following code changes the colour of all bullets throughout. Please note: I can't vouch for this not breaking something, as I haven't thoroughly tested it - but it seems to work fine on first inspection.

ul {color: rgb(196,47,0);} 

The numbers between the brackets relate to RGB colours. You can change this easily to any colour you wish.