Changing Font size

Jun 27, 2017

Hi could you help please?

I would like to change the font size of some of the text in blocks. Is this possible? I highlight and right click and an option is "show fonts" but when I click this nothing happens. Could it be because I'm using a Mac?


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Quentin Sadler

Please I really need to be able to adjust the size and weight of all text. Right now I need to do that on a Chart in Rise! Your own training people told me that text has to be at least 20 point in order to legible and the text on the Chart is much smaller than that!!!!!


Come on, give us some flexibility!

Christina Atchison

Is there any update on the progress of adjusting the font size for the courses to help designers create content that is accessible for all users? I can see in the road map that was updated this month you are working on other accessibility issues for keyboard users. I agree with all the comments above regarding how tough it is to update each section and having to double check sections because they revert back to the default. Thank you!

Crystal Horn

Hi Christina. I don't have an update yet on course-level font size adjustment.

It sounds like you're seeing changes you make revert back to default selections, however. Can you share some more detail about that with us by clicking here to start a case? We want to make sure text edits are working as designed. Thanks!

Sean O Domhnaill

Still no way to adjust font size in the lessons list, as far as I can see. The font is ridiculously small. It would also be good if users could format the list with buttons, colours etc.

This has been ongoing for three years! Articulate are so bad at responding to customer requests. Sending requests is a waste of time as nothing ever happens. It's the same with Storyline.

Lindsey Martin


We love using RISE as a whole, and want to use it for many projects going forward. However, I am receiving requests for the font size in RISE to be adjusted to a larger size. It would be very helpful to have an easy universal option to go in and adjust the default size for paragraphs for all blocks, etc, and increase accessibility. Are there any updates as to when this feature might be available for us? Thanks!

Jennifer McKay

I'm just adding that I also want this feature as we often duplicate modules and when we add or change blocks, it ends up being a different font size and I have to manually check every block to see if it is consistent. It's a big time sink and it would be great to have an adjustable master font size for the whole course, and then you can customize for certain blocks if you want. This will also help as we test font sizes better suited for mobile vs desktop, etc.  Thanks! 

Niall MacKenzie

Just came across this as I was looking to increase font size universally across a full build and to be quite honest it is frankly ridiculous that after 4 years of requests I can see it's not even in your road map yet? Is this a joke?

I know the Articulate roadmap/update pipeline has been a running joke for many years now but I mean come on?! This is just embarrassing at this point...