Changing Font size

Jun 27, 2017

Hi could you help please?

I would like to change the font size of some of the text in blocks. Is this possible? I highlight and right click and an option is "show fonts" but when I click this nothing happens. Could it be because I'm using a Mac?


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CK Digital Learning

Going to add on to the request here- For accessibility it would be great if we could set font size just as we can set font type. Also just in general when a client asks that all subheadings be bold italic 20 pt but the default is 24- it means that I need to adjust all of the subheadings manually. It would be more efficient if this could happen from the theme or settings dashboards. 

Pat Cummins

Adding our team's voice to the request for being able to set the default font size to be used across all courses using the same theme. Due to learner feedback, we us 18 pt font on all our courses. This requires us to manually adjust it for each block of text that's created in our course. This is time consuming open to human error. I've opened a feature request, though I suspect that since this thread has been open for 4 years, many others have already done so too.

Gareth Timms

Also want to see this in place. It adds considerably to our work time having to manually change and mistakes mean the material is less accessible to our staff and the people we support. With an aging society, increasing numbers of people with poorer eyesight in the workforce this is a significant issue.