Character Limit in Rise Scenarios

Aug 16, 2019

Does anyone know if there is a plan to modify the 150 character limit in Scenarios in Rise?  Or...I have to ask, does anyone know a way around it?

Using Scenarios is wonderful but 150 character max extremely limiting since scenarios are ideal for things like knowledge checks and scenario role plays.

This is really limiting my use of what could otherwise be a great tool.

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Drew Smith

+1. Just ran into this issue when converting a course to Spanish. Please add more flexibility for us whether it is extending the character limit or let us adjust the font size. In the meantime, at least add a warning if the character limit is exceeded. I thought I had an issue with my copy & paste because there was no message telling me my text was too long. Thanks! 

Josephine Hearn

the character limitations for scenarios, matching and sorting is deadstopping my training development. There aren't even options to use images instead which would give me a work around. Please fix this! (I don't need the canned response your giving everyone... I know you will let people know if you decide to change it. Just hoping you do)


Matt Garton

My team and I translate between 6 to 20 RISE courses a month into a dozen or more languages. This is a constant battle for us; telling linguists to write shorter. But when the source English takes up the whole space, some languages are nearly impossible to do in that space.

Also, the flip cards + German is a nightmare. A small amount of font size control there (small, medium, normal) would go a LONG way. Or maybe the cards could be set to be larger if not the text.

Sandy Rushton

I've run into this issue as well and have been playing around with different options for creating scenario interactions in Rise while the Articulate team work on this feature.

You can see the different scenarios I made here:

Using button stacks -

Using the quiz lesson type -

I have written a post about it over on the BrightCarbon blog with all the steps as well!


Bittor Asteinza Blanco

Hi! i vote aswell to remove the character limit on scenarios (or at least make it longer).

Maybe for english-speakers this works (reading the comments i think it not), but for spanish, this limitation is a pain. Specially when we are working with technical material, which is difficult to modify or short.

I think the multi-device issue could be solved by adding scroll bar into the bubbles.

I think scenarios are a great tool, almost useless for this limitation.