colour palette


It will be helpful if the colour palette can remember 'recently used' colours please. I have to enter the HEX code, every time I have to use a particular colour. Adding a recently used section to the palette or an eye dropper will help. What do people think? Do you agree that this will be a useful feature to have?

Many thanks,


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Katie Riggio

Hi, Angel ūüĎč

Really, really love that you're deep diving into Rise and are sharing all of your thoughts along the way! As you've heard, customer input is extremely valuable to us so please keep 'em coming!

I'm also curious to hear others' thoughts about the ability to remember colors used. Please let us know, as we're all ears!

Anthony Goss

This would be a huge time saver, especially if we could have a row of custom or brand colors for the project.  Themes need to also be extended so that we can have more options in how the overall design looks.  I know you can do this creatively with custom background colors, but it would be nice to have even greater control.  

Sergio Renato Aldana Alvarez

Dos a√Īos despu√©s y ni siquiera han planeado esta funci√≥n tan necesaria. 

Rise es una gran herramienta pero su desarrollo es lento y se centran en funciones que la comunidad no pide. 

Si revisamos las actualizaciones de enero a la fecha la mayor√≠a son correcci√≥n de errores, deber√≠an centrarse en lanzar versiones mayores al menos 2 veces al a√Īo.

Ken Murray

This would be VERY useful. I spend a ton of time copy & pasting from an open text doc. I keep the hex codes for all my clients in separate text files open on my desktop. Even if working on only a few projects at a time, having those hex codes available in Rise would save me a ton of time... thus passing that benefit to my clients :)