colour palette

Jun 19, 2018


It will be helpful if the colour palette can remember 'recently used' colours please. I have to enter the HEX code, every time I have to use a particular colour. Adding a recently used section to the palette or an eye dropper will help. What do people think? Do you agree that this will be a useful feature to have?

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Rick Martin

I'm quite surprises RISE 360 do not have a possibility to create a custom palette, its basic for any sort of branding. Most companies will have their set of approved brand colors, and it will speed up the development process if those colors could be included in the customized theme created by the design teams. It will remove the burden of the content creators, instructional designers, etc of having to remember or have a copy of the HEX color code and type that or copy and paste it in every title or any accent object/text in their lessons or modules. 

I believe it should even include a title/heading theme menu where you could predefine the text font and size and color. So when you put a title, it comes with all those 3 elements by default, rather than having to set those manually every time.

Buttons, too, you can change the background color, for example in the Continue, but you cant change the button fill color, so if you want to make the continue background your accent color, say for example blue, and make the button, white, you can't, you will end up with a big blue block and maybe just a White Text saying continue.

It looks half cooked to me, those things I mentioned, are like the super basic customization items a designer would expect to have control over, when branding content.

In currently testing RISE to evaluate a proposal to my company´s L&D team, and having all this limitations when it comes to branding, compared with other eLearning/training development tools out there, are making me hesitant. I think we are going to lose a lot of our brand identity on the training we develop.