Completion Percentage Not Updating Within Rise Lesson

Mar 10, 2022

Hi there!

When we export our Rise courses for the LMS, we often select "Track using course completion" and set it at 95% (see screenshot). We had some learners report that they completed the course (and even completed the final survey), but it didn't get marked as complete in our LMS.

We've done some testing in our LMS and in SCORMCloud as a control. We found that when we complete the whole course and the final survey, but don't scroll to the very bottom of the page where there's a small info box (which is easily less than 5% of the total course), the course doesn't register as complete.

The screen recording shows that the Rise course only registers it as 75% complete (because they completed 3 of the 4 lessons) when they have just that small info box left. If they scroll just a tiny bit more to reveal that info box, it goes to 100%. We would rather not set our completion percentage to 75% or something to accommodate for the number of lessons in the course. Is there a way for Rise courses to update the completion percentage based on progress within a lesson, not just for complete lessons?


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