Continue button after quiz AND keeping a visible side bar

Sep 29, 2021

Good day everyone,

I am working on a course and need the following to work:

- A visible side bar (restricted)

- Continue buttons after each lesson (which I have added manually) - Completion type set to "None"

- Some lessons have interactive blocks, so I have made sure to set the Completion type to "Complete All Blocks Above" for these lessons. 

- No Next/Previous buttons (switched off)

- A continue button after the quiz

I have tested all the settings and read on other discussions and the only way I can get a continue button after the quiz is by switching the Next/Previous buttons off AND by setting the sidebar to "No sidebar".

Is there any way to have all the above options available at the same time, leaving the side bar visible AND giving me a continue button after the quiz?

Thank you!

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Renz Sevilla

Hi Nicola! Thanks for sharing your settings and your required workflow. Sorry, no there isn't a way to show a Next/Continue button if the Next/Previous buttons are switched off.

That being said, if you allowed the learner to continue after passing the quiz, they can click on the next lesson after the quiz on the sidebar to navigate.