Continue button disappearing in completed Rise courses

May 08, 2019

Hi everyone,

I have uploaded a Rise course to our LMS and then completed it. When I then go back to look at different lessons, the continue button block has disappeared, and the only way I can navigate is to use the menu tree on the left. My settings in Rise are to always show the continue button. How do I fix this?



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Adarsh Char

I can provide a little more context for why the Continue button was important for me. Currently, in some browsers and environments, depending on the type of content that makes up the last block in the lesson, the progress circle may not fill to 100%. Using the Continue button as the last block in the lesson a) ensured that the learner was able to get the satisfaction of  seeing the circle fill completely, and b) allowed us to track complete/incomplete status of the lesson in the LMS.

I haven't gone back recently to find out if the problem with the progress circle not filling to 100% is still occurring but it is certainly important when reporting progress in the LMS. 

Natasha Leigh

To add to this conversation, I have about 12 languages in one course that I control the navigation. Each language has 5 sections. I don't want a learner to move into the next language sequentially, they would need to move the end of the course where we have a quiz set up. I can't use back/next buttons in this instance. They use a continue button to move between sections and a button to move to the acknowledgement. I can send you abut 40 tickets I've received from learners who get stuck in a course just in the last couple of months. We have to reset their progress, and that doesn't always work. It's a really awful experience for them and I'd love to request it be prioritized! 

Renz Sevilla

Hi Natasha! Thanks for letting us know more about how your course works. I can suggest using Button Stacks instead to direct your learners to the specific parts of your course in respect to the language they've selected. You can do this by using Button Stacks. These can direct users to specific parts of your course instead of using the Continue button since you don't need users to move sequentially.

John Sexton

Very interested in this thread and any solution Articulate is working on to address the issue. We have multiple branching courses where we use Continue buttons because traditional nav options don't work. However, users often click their browser back button (though there are explicit course instructions not to do so), causing the Continue buttons to disappear and resulting in stuck users. I agree with the general sentiment that a navigation element vanishing is never a good design choice, and I haven't read a good explanation from Articulate why it happens. Is there any movement on the app side to address this truly odd and frustrating functionality? 

Renz Sevilla

Hi John! Thanks for following up on this.

We don’t have any updates for you on how the Continue button currently works, however, I'd like to learn more about your course and share some possible design suggestions.

  • Can learners use the browser forward button if they’re using the back button or is this disabled somehow for the course?
  • Is it possible to enable Prev/Next navigation in your course? This won’t show unless the learner accidentally goes back to a previous lesson and the continue button is gone.
Helen Brock

I've just spent a day troubleshooting why the Continue button was disappearing when publishing the course in LMS. Once I found out that it goes away upon completion as a default, then I realized that it was when I retested my course in LMS that was the issue.  Now I will remove my completion credit to ensure I can view the course as the learner should see it upon first entry.
I am disappointed to find so many complaints raised about the Continue button over the course of years, and Articulate has not remedied this. Having an option to to keep the button or allow it disappear would be an optimal solution.

Roshan Fillies

I see this is an older thread BUT the problem persists. I have created detailed engineering courses with a full assessment at the end. Before the users take the assessment, I have used a button to allow them to review the material as many times as needed BECAUSE Rise does not properly restrict navigation if the menu is visible and we did not want an open-book type assessment, so it was logical to use CONTINUE buttons to let the user navigate. Unfortunately, this behaviour has now come as a nasty surprise on the cusp of the course being launched. Luckily, I caught in during final staging, but I will now need to find another workaround. Very disappointing. 

Greig Nicholson

Any update on this please?

I, like many others in this thread seem to have discovered this the hard way after revisiting my content prior to a learning refresher rollout.

So now realising my learners will not have the same user experience I had intended when using 'Continue' buttons to provide breaks to flow in my microlearning content. Now they will just have one big scrollable page. 

4 years on this must have made its way up the priority list by now? 

Ben Nagy

I would also like to weigh in and say that the ability to turn off this function would be super helpful. The intention here is very un-intuitive. I don't understand a case where this would be the desired behavior. In my case the lesson numbering didn't work for the clients course structure so I had to turn it off, but it still shows in the default navigation buttons so I turned them off as well, then went through and added continue blocks throughout the entire course. Now the client is complaining that the blocks disappear. The solution I am finding online is to use a button block instead but that means I need to go through every page of the course and manually replace the continue block that seems specifically designed for this type of case. This is very frustrating.

Erik Fullerton

Still an issue that requires a solution. The automatic next/prev button is problematic because it auto numbers elements of the course. If you could customize what the block says or keep regular lessons from being included in the lesson count (for example, I have an intro I don't want to increment the lesson count) then it wouldn't be as big an issue. FIX THIS!