Continue button - move to next lesson?

May 04, 2018


I'm using Continue dividers/buttons at the end of each lesson to ensure users have viewed all interactions before moving on to the next lesson. However, to actually move to the next lesson users have to click Continue, then click the next lesson footer.

Is there anyway to get the Continue divider to automatically advance to the next lesson, when clicked? This would reduce the clicks required by the end user, and make for a less frustrating experience.

Apologies if I'm missing an obvious setting!


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Alyssa Gomez

You're right, Dan. You would still need the "Continue" block before the "Button" block to ensure that learners completed all blocks above.

It sounds like you'd be interested in seeing another feature added to the "Continue" block, one that automatically advances the learner to the next lesson. I can pass that idea along to our Product team for you--thanks for reaching out!

Tony Hersey

OH.  I thought it could be used without the default navigation.

Is there any plan to offer a classic nav option?  Like a player whose next button is active only when you reach the bottom of the block?

I really like the new nav but all my clients hate change/learning new UI.  It's pretty much forced me to use SL even if rise is a better fit.

Tom Kuhlmann

We can update the instructions, but it makes sense because if the navigation is off, there's nothing to expose after the block. Also, once a block is clicked, it is no longer visible when returning to the lesson. Thus, without the default navigation, there's no way to move past the lesson (outside of the sidebar).

Maxwell Dziku

I have a storyline embed (on autoplay) as a last item in a lesson and i'm trying to restrict progress to next lesson till timeline completes with a continue button but it doesn't seem to reach 100% when the timeline ends. My idea was to hide it till timeline completes then display but i'm not having much luck. Wondering what i'm doing wrong. 

I have 2 other continue buttons set to hide until block above is complete and they seem to work fine except for this last one. 

I have navigation set to restricted and next/previous turned on. 


Crystal Horn

Hi there, Maxwell.  Your Storyline block should be registering completion once you've gone all the way through your slides.  Here's a short example of how it pairs with a Continue block underneath.

Can you tell me a little more about what your Storyline interaction includes?  If you can share a link to your Rise content so far, I'm happy to have a look!  I can also test out your .story file if you'd like to share it here as an attachment.